Bentomiks® is a moulding sand additive derived by milling coal and bentonite together.

Thanks to the coal dust particles covering around, the additives are distributed homogenously in moulds resulting in the increased fluidity.

Processing bentonite and coal dust together makes it possible to use enriched coal dusts which normally have high self ignition characters, thus it eliminates possible risks during transportation and storage of the enriched coal dusts.

Content of Bentomiks® is determined according to the casting requirements of the foundry and dosing in the mixer is performed without human intervention.

As a  product of Ortadoğu Mineral, Bentomiks® is the first patented bentonite-coal dust blend that is produced and exported in Turkey.

Conformity of the foundry for using blends is technically examined and Ortadoğu Mineral ensures introduction of the product in the system and management of the sand system by new parameters.

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