About Us

Ortadoğu Mineral is nature oriented.

It offers the client minerals which it derives from nature in a completely natural and transparent way from production to pricing.

Bentonites developed for all purposes, enriched coal dusts, bentonite-coal dust blends and partial and complete foundry installation (particularly sand system) constitute our main line of  business at Ortadoğu Mineral.

 Our basic mission of Ortadoğu Mineral is to develop such projects and products that may cope with the intrinsic conditions of the foundries and to help the moulding sand to reach the optimum level. We offer this on a well adapted win-win policy.

 Being a TÜDOKSAD member, our company is the first Turkish firm to export bentonite-coal dust blends as well as enriched coal dusts. We provide our service to a wide range of industrial branches (particularly foundries) since 2010, thanks to our approximately  100-thousand tonnes milling capacity and different mineral resources.

Ortadoğu Mineral is a modern engineering heir of the Anatolian people that have shaped clay for different purposes for thousands of years.

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