(Foundry,drilling,construction,pelletising,geosynthetic clay liner applications )

Ortadoğu mineral produces sodium and calcium bentonites of different character for each application (foundry, drilling, construction, pelletesing etc). Upon determination of the activation content rate of the bentonites, the materials are made suitable for the intended use by double-stage activation.

The foundry bentonites are obtained by optimum mixture of different minerals in compliance with the moulding line, sand system and part to be casted by taking into consideration fluidity and swelling requirements as well as thermal strength and resistance needs.

Ortadoğu Mineral constantly improves products by monitoring their performance in the field of usage, even after delivery of the material to enable clients to carry out cost-effective and high quality production. 

You may contact our company for all your bentonite needs in different fields of applications. 

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