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Laboratory & Analysis

Established in the city of Çankırı, our full-fledged laboratories perform any kind of analysis of the moulding sand, blends and additives for foundry and drilling purposes.

It is part of our technical service philosophy to analyse the samples taken from the sand system of foundries and to report the results to the related tehcnical staff regularly.

In our laboratories, the following analysis are made according to TSE, VDG, CTIF and API standards:

  • Methylene blue absorption-Active clay determination.
  • Determination of loss on ignition.
  • Measurement of green compression, shear and wet tensile strengths.
  • Sieve analyses.
  • Determination of volatile matters.
  • Determination of ash content.
  • Fines content determination-particules <20 micron.
  • Moisture-determination of compactability.
  • Swelling Test.
  • Viscosity-water loss.

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