Under ever-increasing competition conditions, a modern foundry now more than ever needs to  produce parts perfect and with minimum casting defects. In an ideal sand system, control of sand only in the mixer during a limited time, proved to be deficient and inadequate.

In cooperation with the German sand control units producer Michenfelder Elektrotechnik GmbH, the first and leading manufacturer of control units, Ortadoğu Mineral makes planning of the sand systems, adopts control units and determines those parameters that the moulding sand should have throughout its journey, ensuring it to be stabilized at certain levels.

Bentonite and other components that is worn after meeting with the liquid metal are excellently conditioned and controlled by the units installed on cooler, mixer and moulding line.

In an ideal sand system, stabilisation of moisture at minimum 2 % at cooler outlet and compactability at 40 on the moulding line (not at mixer) is of vital importance. 

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